Effective Marketing Automation

Due to new tools and technologies, the digital marketing space is bigger than ever before - and more competitive. This means marketers can no longer solely rely on basic technologies and expect to be effective. While marketing automation is great for lead nurturing, lead scoring and engaging known contacts, it does little to drive new leads into the top of the funnel.

In order to make marketing automation the most effective, marketers need a solution to help them drive net new leads into the middle of the funnel. Captora was created with this exact mission in mind - to help marketers scale top of funnel lead generation and maximize the effectiveness of their marketing automation solutions.

With Captora you can:

  • Access competitive and buyer intelligence in order to understand how people are using detailed search terms to identify your solution.
  • Use these insights to create hundreds of well optimized landing pages, that integrate into your MA solution and streamline the process of turning a lead into a customer.
  • Leverage analytics to monitor and report the success of these campaigns - allowing you to maximize success across the entire funnel.

Marketo, the leader in B2B marketing automation, leverages Captora to fuel their marketing automation with a steady supply of high quality leads.

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video