Digital Marketing Vs Internet Marketing

Digital Marketing is the marketing practice of engaging your target audience on digital channels. Internet marketing is essentially a component of digital marketing as it includes its most important categories - content marketing, social media marketing and search engine optimization. So, the real question is what are the latest trends in digital/internet marketing? Here are 4 trends you need to pay attention to!

  • Content Marketing - Changes to Google's search algorithm are constantly affecting digital marketers. And while it is unknown what scoring mechanisms go in to the algorithm, one thing remains clear. Marketers need to create relevant, engaging and quality content that is focused on context - not keywords and links stuffing.
  • Social Media Marketing - As buyers are relying more heavily on social media to identify solutions and engage with brands and networks, marketers absolutely need to be leveraging the power of social media. Why? Simply because if you are not, your competitor is.
  • Search Engine Optimization - SEO is the marketing practice of sharing content on organic search engines - in particular Google. SEO offers digital marketers a great opportunity to engage anonymous buyers with relevant content based on the pain points they are using to search for solutions.
  • Captora! is enabling companies to leverage their best existing content and Google best practices in oder to generate more leads and fuel ROI. Captora allows you to gain insights into how people are using long tail, unbranded search terms to identify your solution. Then, from the same platform, you can create optimized landing pages, at scale!

The Captora DNA is all using buyer and competitive intelligence in order to fill your marketing funnel with high quality, net new leads. Sound interesting? Learn how Captora can help you improve and optimize your digital marketing strategy in order to fuel growth!

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