Digital Marketing Tactics

Digital marketing has become crucial to a company's success and ability to convert new leads. Digital marketing includes all online marketing activities including; content marketing, inbound marketing, search, lead nurturing, social media marketing an mobile marketing.

  • Content Marketing - Content marketing is an efficient method of building relationships with potential customers by distributing content throughout the entire buyer's journey. You can build trust and credibility by promoting content based around buyer intent signals
  • Inbound Marketing includes all marketing strategies that pull people in, attract new business and increases brand awareness.
  • Search - As buyers are continually relying on search engines to self navigate through the customer journey, companies need to utilize paid and organic search to reach anonymous buyers and meet pipeline goals.
  • Social Media - Both B2B and B2C decision makers are relying on social media to identify new solutions and create online communities of similar thinking peers. Social media empowers companies by allowing them to increase the reach of their content, identify new opportunities to create new content , and engage with fans and followers.
  • Lead Nurturing - Not all website visitors who download an ebook are ready to be force fed your pitch. This is why having a lead nurturing solution is crucial. Companies such as Marketo enable companies to provide prospects with relevant content based on their behavior (what content they are digesting, what they are clicking on, etc).
  • Mobile Marketing - Google just unveiled a shocking change in digital marketing that many marketers are referring to as "Mobile-geddon." Google will now be ranking websites lower that are not optimized for mobile usage.
  • Captora is a digital marketing software that provides companies with the ability to identify buyer intent signals. Captora then allows marketers to create hundreds of targeted digital marketing campaigns at scale.

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