Digital Marketing Strategist

Growth in brand by engaging new buyers is a constant slog and requires sound strategy. Many marketing teams may even have a strategist full time or rotate strategy responsibilities among team members. One of the most important marketing domains to apply strategy is the digital marketing area. A digital marketing strategist reviews the organic and paid search channels, among others, to establish opportunity to create brand awareness and attract new buyers. This requires content.

A true marketing strategist knows that success is bound to content and buyers on the digital channels look for content that matches their intent and supports their research and satisfies their needs. This requires that you hone your team's talent to identify opportunites to reach new buyers and map that to your content creation efforts. In the past this has been a daunting task, but with Captora's Digital Marketing Acceleration Platform, achieve key strategist steps easily with these unique features.

  • Identify Organic Search Demand
  • Uncover Existing Content that Maps to Demand
  • Easily Create Strategies that Helps Prioritize Campaign Creation
  • Base Strategy off of Known Metrics and Establish Goals

These are core to the Captora platform and will help any Digital Marketing Strategist or marketing team member to drive coherent top of the funnel strategy. Learn more by downloading Captora's most recent Modern Marketers eBook from this page.

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