Digital Marketing Software

Digital marketing software is comprised of taking the complex and making it simpler. The promotion of products or brands can be automated, vastly improving on traditional marketing efforts that might require the use of multiple agencies and software tools that require a multitude of manual steps. Utilizing digital marketing software marketers can attack channels and automate methods that enable an organization to meet goals in months rather than years.

Thanks to SaaS solutions you can expect these efficiencies. Software like Captora's Digital Marketing Acceleration Platform allows digital marketers to identify new campaign opportunities to attract new buyers and participate in more deals quarter over quarter. Team sizes of 1-2 head count have delivered on goals previously thought to be absurd. Here are some amazing results:
  • 60% better Cost Per Lead
  • 1000s of net new visitors
  • 100% conversion improvement
  • 3x ROI on your Captora investment

Metrics like these are attained through the use of Captora's digital marketing software. By using Captora you can attack organic and paid channels to attain new buyers and grow significant pipeline that assists you in reaching your organizational goals. You can learn more about software like Captora by watching the video demo on this page.

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