Digital Marketing Service

2016 is destined to be an outstanding year for digital marketing service solutions as search, advertising and social channels are proceeding to evolve! Marketers are investing into technologies that will allow them to achieve pipeline growth, and revenue influence. The end result has become fruitful for B2B marketers and software vendors that service their needs. Today’s marketing SaaS technologies provide a service in the cloud that enables marketing to hit their goals where previous investments have failed to deliver.

Captora has established various automation techniques and are on their way to innovating more services that will enhance B2B marketing investment. 2015 marked a period where marketers were able to achieve 3x to 8x ROI on their marketing investments while utilizing Captora. With Captora, they continue to optimize on their various campaigns to drive more and more pipeline growth. Here is a synopsis on how they achieve greatness.

Idenifty 300+ campaigns to launch

Launch 300 campaigns in 3 months

Optimize campaigns to deliver 4% or greater conversion rates

60% better cost per lead acquisition

Close 4-6 deals in their first 12 months using Captora

These are amazing results. Companies like Servicemax, Marketo, and Innotas have grown their business in 2015 by partnering with Captora. It's no mystery that these are some of the most successful companies in their respective spaces. As they continue to refine their marketing operations and optimize their use of Captora with minimal effort, they will continue to vie for greatness amongst their peers.

The rise of Digital Marketing Services in 2015 stand to take marketers to new heights in 2016 and beyond. You can learn more by downloading Captora's latest eBook located on this page. Enjoy!

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