Digital Marketing ROI

Are you looking to measure Digital Marketing ROI? Seeking 3x ROI is ta quest often left unrealized. For most digital marketers the reality is HOPE. The last time we checked, hope was not a strategy. ROI is an imperative. The strongest way to get a level of ROI that will appease investors is to create quality pipeline that closes. Captora customers have been doing this through novel new top of the funnel technologies steeped in big data and machine learning SaaS software

Captora is helping customers solve the ROI problem. By conducting better targeting of paid and organic search visitors, Captora customers have grown MQLs that turn into quality opportunities which leads to closed deals that results in ROI. Here is how we are doing that.

  • Demand Analyzer - Identify and prioritize digital marketing campaigns based on the search intent of visitors.
  • Campaign Engine - Leverage these data-driven opportunities to intelligently and automatically scale campaign creation.
  • Performance Advisor - Report the results of digital campaigns uncovering what asset, offer, channel and messaging delivers the best ROI.

Companies of all shapes and sizes are leveraging Captora to improve their Cost Per Lead, build pipeline and close revenue. Other marketing investments like marketing automation are gaining even more traction and return with the use of Captora. More quality leads are entering the middle of the funnel to impact prior investments. Learn how Captora can help you improve ROI on your marketing investments with our free eBook!

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