Digital Marketing Plan

Modern digital marketing is a fast-paced, cutthroat jungle that is constantly testing marketers and making them to pull out all their survival tricks. Growth and pipeline goals are increasing as companies are depending more and more on marketing to convert leads and engage potential customers. Here are 5 components of an effective digital marketing plan to help you keep up to the added responsibilities.

  • Content Relevancy - In modern digital marketing, Content Relevancy is King. Google is constantly changing is algorithm in order to empower users by allowing them to easily find the content that they are looking for. In order to sort through the noise and engage with potential customers, marketers need to create content for buyer personas and then map that content to the buyer journey.
  • SEO / Landing Pages - Part of these changes to Google's algorithm includes penalizing companies who are directing all organic search traffic to a generic homepage rather than a dedicated landing page that is optimized for SEO. And as "organic search generated leads have a 14.6% close rate" (Hubspot) it is important that marketers are leveraging landing pages to capture these leads
  • Social Media - As 67% of Twitter users are likely to purchase a product or solution from a brand they follow, social media in digital marketing is becoming increasingly important to the success of a digital marketing strategy.
  • Landing Pages for Lead Generation - in digital marketing, lead generation is the tactic of capturing your prospects' contact information in exchange for a valuable offer (a piece of content, a free demo, etc.) This is primarily done by creating relevant content to attract visitors. Then leveraging gated CTA's on landing pages to make it clear what action you want them to take. Lead generation is primarily focused around generating DEMAND FOR YOUR CONTENT
  • Demand Generation - Demand generation is the marketing practice that fuses together inbound & outbound marketing tactics in order to increase brand awareness and generate DEMAND FOR YOUR PRODUCT. However, by 2015, over 70% of all demand generation will come from inbound marketing strategies. (AdAge) Smart buyers are digesting mass amounts of content, everyday, on multiple channels.

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