Digital Marketing Channels

The focus on multi-channel marketing is rising. But, there are too many channels out there, leaving marketers guessing what channels to utilize. So what channels drive conversions for marketers?

Here are the top 4 marketing channels every marketer should be utilizing.

  1. Paid Ads- Utilizing paid ads enables you to see conversions right away. Typically in less than 2 months. Paid ads is all about optimization and making sure the ads are not saturating over time
  2. SEO- This takes longer than paid, but is still effective. Organic search will start showing results after about 4 months. The key to organic search is scaling those campaigns
  3. Social- Having a social presence is critical for brand awareness and engaging new buyers. Utilize thought leaders in the space and engage with potential customers.
  4. Email- Nurturing people in your database and sending them emails on a consistent basic is great for lead generation. Make sure your emails are of value and relevant to your target audience

One of the main mistakes marketers do is that they only focus on one channel. In order to do multi-channel you need a tool to enable you to go across channels and be successful. A tool like Captora helps marketers scale and optimize hundreds of campaigns that are relevant to their audience across search, paid, and social channels. In order to succeed in digital marketing and stand out from the noise is by being content aware, know what competitors are doing, know what buyers are searching for, and take immediate action to reach the right people at the right time before your competition.

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