Digital Marketing Challenges

In digital marketing, there is constant pressure for marketers to show growth pipeline. But, there are many challenges marketers are facing when trying to meet this goal.

According to Forrester, the top 3 digital marketing challenges are:

  1. Meeting the expectations of the always-connected customer
  2. Executing consistent digital campaigns that drive business outcomes
  3. Proliferation of new touch points and channels to engage customers across paid, owned, and earned media

So how can marketers solve these challenges? With the rise of technology, there are muliple solutions to help marketers become successful in digital marketing. But, this in itself is a challenge. Marketers are struggling to keep up with the current marketing technology and trends. It also doesn't help that many marketing teams are lean and don't have a budget to put into multiple technologies.

To help marketers accelerate pipeline, Captora helps marketers solve these challenges by having an integrated digital marketing solution to find new quality buyers. With Captora, marketers will be able to execute and scale hundreds of consistent digital marketing campaigns to drive business outcomes across digital channels, thus meeting their buyer's expectations.

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