Digital Content Strategy

Content marketing is the latest and greatest. Digital Content Strategy is almost mandatory in your marketing mix today. Yet, many companies are challenged to implement a strategy that works for them, but also can keep up with the market. Everyone is cognizant of it: social presence, white papers, online campaigns, eBooks... These are the must-haves to make sure your content is driving your business presence.

But how does a company utilize their digital resources to educate, engage and then capture buyers. There must be a strategic approach behind this. CMI says "Content marketers draw with magic markers, yet content strategists use fine pens". What are you prioritizing in your marketing mix that answers "how"?

As a marketer, it is essential you have a methodology to developing content, assessing where you have content gaps, and identifying next steps for nurturing your leads, so they convert and ultimately, generate revenue. There are a lot of moving pieces involved in this strategy, and marketers cannot do it alone.

Technology prevails! And Captora delivers.

Captora identifies the type of content and keywords your target audience is seeking, generates optimized paid and organic campaigns to capture these buyers, and then gives you market intelligence to track your successes and shortcomings in comparison to your competitors.

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