Digital Content Strategist

Growth in brand by engaging new buyers and constantly seeing increases in pipeline are the pressures modern marketers face, and they attack these issues by strategically creating great content that engages buyers at any stage of their search. With digital marketing, marketers must ensure that their content is consistent and relevant across multiple channels, and this can be executed with a significantly less labor-focused sales force.

Marketers know their brand well, and they know how to communicate across multiple channels - but the struggle comes in ensuring that the content they produce is absolutely relevant to buyers. When creating digital content, marketers can do a lot of guessing to determine what will engage potential buyers as well as refresh interest from already-acquired leads, but without reliable data-focused tools, opportunities can be missed and content will gather dust.

A solution can be found in Captora, as our technology offers marketers access to clickstream data from web assets and identifies content gaps by comparing that data with Internet demand signals. Captora goes the extra step by delivering content-rich campaigns into those gaps, capturing the interest of buyers who may not have considered your brand yet. Also, instantly reported measurable results and deep analytics from Captora mean that marketers spend less time piecing together what might work, and can organize their strategies around content that does work for success in all digital marketing channels.

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