Difference Between SEO Marketing SEO Advertising

The difference between SEO marketing and SEO advertising involves a few factors. SEO marketing: the process of boosting website ranking based on relevant keywords.

Conversely, advertising or PPC marketing is another way of inducing web traffic. Marketers can create ads for the sponsored areas of search engine pages. Marketers pay search engine companies (ie Google or Yahoo) a fee to list an ad, and when someone clicks on it, the company posting the ad gets billed.

Paid search has proven to be an effective method to generate leads, but difficult to measure the return as you attempt to scale. For marketers today, paid search optimization allows for great opportunity to generate leads while being able to drive conversions.

Both SEO and advertising have a large part in modern marketing practices.

Captora knows marketers miss out on opportunities in both strategies. Yet our award-winning technology is designed to grab the attention of your buyer pool with both organic AND paid search campaigns. With the newly found importance of top-of-funnel marketing, Captora will leverage your company's content ecosystem and produce audience-centric campaigns that are guaranteed to double your actionable insights and lower your cost-per-lead. While marketers can use either SEO or advertising (contingent on which results they are looking for), Captora takes an individual and effective approach to both types, helping them better achieve their goals.

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