Difference Between Organic Search And Paid Search

According to Marin Software, one of the main digital marketing priorities is doing more cross-channel. But, many marketers are not setting the right expectations for their organic and paid search strategies. Understanding that organic and paid should be treated differently is critical for success.

Paid search (PPC, advertising, email channels) is all about optimization. Many marketers are managing their paid search from channels such as Google, LinkedIn, Bing, etc. It's critical to continuously test your campaign so that you are promoting the best title, subtitle, CTA, and content. In order to increase conversion rates, you have to measure and optimize your landing pages on person-by-person behavioral data. By creating a personalized experience, your buyers will more likely convert.

Organic search strategy is different. It's all about expanding and scaling. Marketers need to expand their long-tail campaigns and scale their reach to ensure they are reaching net new buyers. Organic search is great because it's free and you will be able to find new pools of buyers and use this information for your paid search strategy. But, organic search takes 4-6 months to see ROI and many marketers don't have the time to wait on it.

Going cross channel is critical in today's digital marketing world. But you need to set the right expectations internally. To learn more about organic and paid search best practices, download our ebook today!