Developing Web Content

Developing content for web-based marketing relies on everything from great, streamlined design to intrigue buyers to ensuring that your content contains the right information. It is crucial that text and images (videos, infographics and more) directly answer questions that buyers have about how your brand will provide solutions to their problems, attractively showcasing this content via your web presence.

However, with so much information available on the Internet, it is key that marketers don't miss out on opportunities to engage buyers because they are creating content through guesswork. Reliable data about buyer demand signals ensures that marketers will place the right content in the right places - but how do they arrive at that data, and make sure it doesn't just identify problems that will create more legwork?

Captora provides innovative tools to marketers that use data-driven technology to help marketers with this very issue. Clickstream data from web assets is provided, and comparison techniques show exactly how effective your content is against the competitor. Identify where content, optimization, and conversion gaps exist and reach more buyers with Captora's rapid delivery of content-rich campaigns into those gaps.

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