Demand Marketing Software

Demand generation is an important component of modern marketing. It combines all outbound and inbound marketing activities that create substantial company awareness and generate demand for a company, its services, or for the industry in general. In order to reach new markets, promote new products, and build business-customer relationships, you need an effective demand generation strategy in place. Here are some services to help get the needle your demand generation strategy.

  • Social Media Management Platforms allow companies to promote all of their social media campaigns from one dashboard. Hootsuite real time feed provides organizations with the ability to comprehend how their following is interacting with them.
  • Lead Nurturing - Not all inquiries are quality leads (or leads for that matter!), and not all landing page visitors who registered for a webinar to learn about your industry need to be contacted by a salesperson. This is the reason lead nurturing is paramount. Lead nurturing solutions give companies the ability to score leads and provide them with valuable content as they move through the buyer journey.
  • Captora is a digital marketing platform that indexes your competitors content and your content to identify key two word search terms. Captora the performs hundreds of mock searches to identify how buyers are searching around these search terms. Finally, Captora allows you to build THOUSANDS of hyper targeted landing pages around these particular demand phrases. With Captora you can identify potential customers before your competition!

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