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Demand generation is the process of strategically disseminating valuable, high quality content that is customized around buyer intent signals. Demand generation fuses together both inbound and outbound marketing activities that create awareness and drive demand for a company or its solution. As it pertains to website optimization, demand generation practioners incorporate paid and organic search to provide potential customers with relevant content. Google's algorithms penalize companies that direct visitors to a generic website (rather than a custom landing page). This means it is important that you create a mass amount of campaigns to increase your positioning and thus your overall brand awareness. Here are some things you should know about creating landing pages (micro websites) for demand generation.

Organic - As consumers are relying more and more on organic search to self educate and self navigate through the buyer journey, it is paramount that you optimize your organic digital marketing campaigns to increase your brand awareness. These campaigns should be customized around buyer intent signals, and unlike lead generation, should contain UNGATED content. This isn't to say that you shouldn't be concerned with capturing leads. However, in order to maximize the reach of your content you should encourage people to digest your content with little to no barriers to discovery. The key to organic search is creating a large number of campaigns (based on keyword variations) that will rank high on Google.

Paid - You can use the success of your organic campaigns, (in regards to engagement with certain keywords) to provide data-driven insights on where you should be spending your PPC dollars. For example, if Campaign A is generating 2x as much engagement than Campaign B, those are keywords you may want to double down on. Furthermore, if Campaign A is seeing month after month engagement, you can expand it to create an ebook, a series of blog posts, etc. Furthermore, you want your paid ads to be dynamic; meaning they change based on the search term and demographic of a particular visitor.

Companies like Marketo use Captora to index their content and their competitors content to identify key demand phrases (two word search terms.) Captora then performs an extensive web crawl identify long tail search phrases around these demand phrases. Lastly, Captora allows marketers to identify, execute and optimize hundreds of organic AND paid digital campaigns. Need more information on how to optimize your website for demand generation? Download our FREE ebook!

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