Demand Generation Vs Lead Generation

Demand Generation

Demand generation is the process in which marketers drive awareness to their company’s products or services in order to increase revenue. The objective is to build and nurture relationships with potential buyers. One effective way of creating relationships with buyers is by capturing their attention through content marketing. Before marketers can start thinking about generating leads, they must first create demand for their product or service. Being able to create relevant content for buyers is critical in driving awareness to their company. However, most marketers are guessing what content to create and are not engaging potential buyers which causes them to loose out on revenue.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is a process in which marketers capture consumer interest in their product or service in order to increase pipeline. The buying process has shifted within the past decade. Now, buyers are online searching for information that will inform them about your product or service. Thus, marketers must be able to provide them with information that educates potential buyers early within the buying process. There is so much content being produced, but marketers are still not reaching their target audience and are not generating leads. Being able to reach new potential buyers will allow marketers to generate more leads and increase pipeline.

Content Marketing: Lead Generation and Demand Generation

In order to generate demand to grow revenue and generate leads in order to increase pipeline, marketers must produce content that will engage buyers to explore further. Captora helps marketers create more demand and generate more leads by expanding top-of-funnel marketing to reach anonymous buyers. By creating thousands of new targeted campaigns by leveraging your content ecosystem, Captora allows marketers to reach thousands of new buyers across multiple channels based on what buyers are looking for. By creating content that is geared towards what buyers are looking for, marketers can ensure they are increasing demand for their product as well as generating leads.

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