Demand Generation Tactics

As the digital marketing space continues to evolve, modern marketers must evolve with it if they hope to stay ahead of their competition. As online consumers spend almost half of their time engaging with content (Content Marketing Institute), it is clear that content is still at the heart of any effective demand generation strategy. However, what content you promote,where you promote that content and how you optimize that content is where the evolution must take place. Here are some demand generation tactics to help you get ahead of your competition by building customer relationships.

  • Understand Your Audience - Before you get started you should conduct interviews with your sales team to understand frequently heard objections. You should also interview your customers to understand what about your solution attracted them, what content engaged them and what eventually made them a customer.
  • Create New Content Through Data Driven Insights. Align these data-driven insights with your content strategy. Make sure to create content around those certain pain points. By creating relevant content you can build trust and credibility, and position your company as a thought leader concerned with empowering your customers.
  • Think Beyond Lead Generation. While demand generation and lead generation are often used interchangeably, it is paramount to keep these strategies separate. By targeting specific audiences and gating your content (two effective strategies in lead generation and increasing conversions), you will belittle your demand generation efforts. Promote premium content for broad audiences, on multiple channels and with little to no barriers to discovery.
  • Build Relationships Through Scoring and Nurturing. For the names that do come in through demand generation (inbound marketing, website conversions, outbound prospecting, trade shows, inquiries etc.) you want to make sure you have practices in place to score and nurture these prospects. Marketing automation is a great way to accelerate the process of a prospect becoming a lead.
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