Demand Generation

Optimize Your Demand Generation Strategies to Increase Brand Awareness

Demand generation strategies enable marketers to combine inbound and outbound marketing efforts together in order to raise brand awareness and generate demand for their company's products and/or solutions. The inbound marketing activities that go in to demand generation are social media promotions, blogs, creating custom content, white papers etc. The outbound prospecting tactics in demand generation are cold calling, email blasts, tradeshows, TV/ Radio ads. Well- optimized demand generation strategies enable marketers to reach new audiences, promote new features, and generate fan, follower and consumer buzz around their company. Here are some tips to optimize your demand generation strategy to increase your brand awareness.

  • Be Audience Centric. Before you begin implementing your demand generation strategy, you must have a clear understanding of your audience. Do not be so caught up with your brand, your products, your solutions.. In the current state of digital marketing, its about the people not the products. The success of your demand generation strategy relies on your ability to attract, engage, nurture and build a relationship with your audience
  • Don't be In It for the Leads. For modern marketers I know this seems like an impossible task. And although demand generation and lead generation work together and lead generation can be used to measure to the strength of your demand gen strategies, they should be treated separately. Lead generation requires you to narrow your scope, cast a net on a target pool of leads and reel them in. Demand generation is about letting the fish know that you are in the ocean, too narrow of a pool and no one will feel your presence. If you create the right content for the right audience, the right leads will come.
  • Optimize Your Content. Create content around buyer INTENT signals not around specific keywords. For example, some one looking for demand generation stats wants to see stats, not a homepage or a resource page. Furthermore, you should create targeted landing pages around these specific buyer intent signals. Need help identifying buyer demand signals you should be creating content around? Download our free eBook!

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