Demand Generation Software

Demand generation is a crucial aspect of modern marketing. It combines together all inbound and outbound marketing strategies used to raise brand awareness and drive demand for a company's solutions or services. In order to effectively reach new markets, promote new products/features, and build relationships with fans and followers, an effective demand generation process needs to be in place. Here are some softwares that will help maximize your demand generation strategy.

  • Social Media Management Dashboard's, such as Hootsuite, allow small to large companies to manage all of their social media posts (across Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.) from one dashboard. Furthermore, it allows companies to listen to what their audience is saying about them and it provides real-time analytics on all of your social media efforts. If you are serious about demand generation, YOU need a social media management dashboard.
  • Demand Generation Agencies - Full service marketing agencies, such as Spear Marketing, assist in implementing marketing strategies from demand generation to lead nurturing. If you are unsure how to move the needle on your demand generation strategy, you may want to reach out to a full service marketing agency.
  • CRM - Customer Relationship Management... If you don't have one, you need one! CRM's are great ways to track prospects, engage and rengage existing leads, and upsell your existing customers on new products. Furthermore, CRM's such as Salesforce, now integrate into your Email Service Providers and Marketing Automation Solutions
  • Marketing Automation - Not all inquiries are leads, and not all visitors who downloaded your ebook need to hear your sales pitch. This is why you need marketing automation. Solutions such as Marketo, allow marketers to score these leads as they move through their buyer journey. Furthermore, marketing automation allows you to nurture existing leads and provide them with relevant content.
  • Captora is a top of funnel inbound marketing solution that indexes your content and your competitors content to identify and stack rank important keywords or demand phrases. It then performs mock searches to identify how real buyers are searching around these keywords. And finally, Captora allows you to build hundreds of digital marketing campaigns around these demand phrases. Now you can find potential customers before your competition and build relationships with them by providing them with the content they are looking for.

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