Demand Generation Programs

Demand generation is a strategy that modern marketers use to increase brand awareness and generate demand for their products, services or industry as a whole. Demand generation encompasses all inbound and outbound marketing activities that either increase brand exposure, online visibility or the overall influence a company has on their target audience. This marketing strategy enables companies to reach new audiences, promote new products, build fan, follower, and customer buzz, or make themselves appear bigger than they are (this is especially true for startups.) Here are some effective demand generation programs.

  • Live Events - Conferences, trade shows and conventions are great ways to connect with your fans and followers, reach new audiences and broadcast your message to the rest of the industry.
  • Press Releases - Have you recently won an award? Is your company being praised? Maybe you just unveiled some new products or features you are excited about. Either way, press releases are a great way to get your message out there and have other people recognize your accomplishments.
  • Organic and Paid Search - Currently,online buyers are using paid and organic search to educate themselves on products, industries and offerings. Furthermore, these buyers are not searching for brands but rather they are searching for solutions. This means you need to create paid and organic campaigns to engage these potential buyers when they are doing their research.
  • Social Media - Social media is a great way for brands to engage followers, promote relevant content and increase their overall brand awareness. If you are not already on social media, here are some great statistics showing you the need of having social media in your demand generation strategy.
      • 79% of people using Twitter are likely to buy from brands they follow on Twitter. (QuickSprout)
      • The lead-to-close rate in social media is 100% higher than the lead-to-close rate in outbound marketing. (Hubspot)
      • It costs 75% less to generate leads via social media than any other channel (LinkedInSelling)
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