Demand Generation Process

An effective demand generation process begins with a clear understanding of your target audience, and it ends... well, never. Demand generation is an ongoing process that engages potential customers with multiple pieces of content throughout the entire buyer journey. The process includes all inbound and outbound marketing activities that develop brand awareness and increase overall demand for your companies' products, solutions or services. Here are some tips to improving your demand generation process.

  • Identify Buyer Personas - Buyer personas are research based archetypes of real buyers who make purchasing decisions on solutions and products. Buyer personas document what goals affect the buyer's behavior, what the buyer wants to achieve, how your content empowers the buyer, so on and so forth.
  • Organize and Assess Existing Assets - Make sure that your content is aligned with your current messaging. Also, understand what content is doing well (in terms of visits, conversions, shares etc.) and what content needs to be repurposed or revamped.
  • Promote Content For Entire Buyer Journey - As buyers are self educating themselves through the buyer journey, they are in essence re-creating the buyer journey. This means that you have to have multiple campaigns to engage these potential buyers as they move through the research stages.
  • Promote Across Multiple Channels. In B2B, the average buyer journey has expanded to include 5 decision makers. Meaning that not only must you prepare for each decision maker having a distinct buyer persona, you must promote your content on multiple channels to have it reach your desired audience.
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