Demand Generation Marketing Or Sales

The question shouldn't be either or, it should be how can I combine the two strategies to optimize my demand generation strategy? For starters, lets begin with some high level definitions. Inbound marketing refers to all activities that attract and engage potential customers; content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, etc. Traditional sales for demand generation refers to old school tactics; cold calling, trade shows, radio, print ads, TV, radio etc. In the current state of modern marketing, inbound marketing is a crucial way marketers raise awareness for their brands and solutions. As online consumers are spending more time engaging with content, it has become the main way B2B and B2C decision makers discover new products and solutions . However that is not to say that traditional sales is dead, just needs to incorporate technologies and inbound marketing. Here are few tips to do just that.

  • Align the messaging between marketing sales.
  • Create an outbound cadence for calls and emails. We use Cadence from Salesloft and couldn't be happier with the result.
  • Include a social prospecting step. We leverage LinkedIn to find "nuggets" of information we can include in our messaging to help build connections and humanize our emails.
  • Be consistent. We are religious about adding a certain number of new prospects to our outbound cadence each day, no matter how busy we are. It's our fuel that keeps everything running smoothly. Without it, the engine dies.
Outbound prospecting can be widely successful if done right and with a systematic approach. Need more advice? Download our ebook!

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