Demand Generation Marketing

Demand generation marketing is a mix of all inbound marketing activities (blogs, SEO, social media, webinars, etc.) and all outbound marketing activities (cold calls, commercials, email blasts, etc.) used to create awareness and demand for your company, solution, and industry as a whole. However, as inbound leads are 5 times more likely to convert than outbound leads (Hubspot), inbound marketing has become paramount to demand generation. Demand gen is data driven, quantitative and requires continuous A/B and A/E testing in order to be successful. Here are some common characteristics of successful demand gen strategies.

  • Audience Centric Content - In order to provide your audience with the right content, at the right time and with the right offer, you need to truly understand your them; what motivates them, what irks them, what is holding them back, what empowers them, etc. The success of your demand generation strategy is based on your ability to help and connect with your target audience through content.
  • Limited Barriers to Discovery - Unlike lead generation, the goal of demand gen is to cast as large a net as possible, not to reel in leads, but to let consumers know you are in the ocean. This means having little to no barriers of discovery. This means being present on SEO, PPC, and social media channels as well as removing gates for premium content.
  • Concerned With Building Relationships and Trust Through Multiple Touch Points - Demand generation activities take place throughout the entire purchasing process, from creating thought leadership content to educate consumers, to social media promotions releasing new products, to follow up emails after a trade show . Demand generation is concerned with building relationships and nurturing prospects through long term promotions.

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