Demand Generation

Demand generation is the practice of combining all inbound and outbound marketing activities that increase brand awareness, drive demand and tap into new markets and audiences. The goals of demand generation are to increase brand awareness and demand and ultimately shape the mind-set of your target audience in regards to your offerings, solutions and status within a given industry compared to your competition. An effective demand generation strategy begins when you have a clear understanding of your audience, your messaging, and how your messaging empowers your audience. The success of demand generation relies on your ability to connect with your audience and build long term and long lasting relationships.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that you need to exclude lead generation practices from your demand gen strategy. Primarily, you need to exclude the lead generation practice of gating valuable content with forms to capture leads. Because the goal of demand generation is to increase awareness and visibility, you want to remove almost to all barriers of discovery. This not only means making your premium content more accessible, but also being present on social media channels, optimizing search campaigns to increase SEO (organic search) positioning , and leveraging PPC (paid search) to increase your visibility.

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