Demand Generation Content

Demand generation is a marketing strategy that fuses together all digital and traditional marketing initiatives that either increase brand awareness, create a need for your service, and/or build long-term relationships with prospects, potential customers and existing customers. In the current state of digital marketing, content marketing is a major component of demand generation as online consumers rely tremendously on search to self-educate themselves on services and self-navigate themselves through the buyer journey. However, what content should you promote to not only identify, engage and convert anonymous buyers? Here are some crucial components of an effective content marketing for demand generation.

  • Thought Leadership - As you begin to focus on driving traffic, increasing engagement, and creating long term relationships, you want to leave your sales pitch at the door. Demand generation is about understanding your target audience - what pains them, what motivates them, what helps them, what holds them back - and then creating content addressing particular search terms that are important to your TA. As people begin to trust you as a thought leader, they will actively search out your solutions should they ever need it. Demand generation is about building relationships by helping people, not selling to them.
  • Multi-Channel Promotions - This is becoming ever more important in the current state of digital marketing as online consumers are engaging with content on multiple channels and multiple platforms (organic, paid, social, etc.). Be where your audience is and promote content that will provide value to them.
  • Segmentation by Persona - As Google is penalizing pages that are not relevant to the buyer intent signals, understanding buyer personas is critical for success. Identify what motivates a decision-maker to engage with your content vs. a practitioner, intern or someone who is just learning about the industry. Demand Generation is all about helping... Content marketing is all about providing consumers with relevant information based on what they are looking for.
  • Segmentation by Buyer Journey - Understand how YOUR customers navigate through the buyer journey (from need recognition to conversion, and everything in between) and create content for those different stages. The key here is to use data-driven insights and technologies, not guessing what you think the buyer journey is. An intern looking for industry education absolutely MUST receive different content than a CMO looking for a new solution.
  • Follow up emails/ Nurture - As people download your offers (because you are providing helpful and relevant content) you will begin to build a marketing database. However, since demand generation is an ongoing process you want to have a marketing automation solution in place to help nurture and score these prospects. Not everyone coming in will be a sales qualified lead, that is why you want to engage them with relevant content to help nurture them until they are sales ready.

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