Demand Generation

Demand generation is the practice of merging all inbound and outbound marketing campaigns that are used to generate demand for your services, products, company or industry as a whole. The ultimate goals of demand generation are to drive brand awareness, increase visibility on multiple channels and to provide your target audience with educational content to shape their perspectives. Demand generation allows companies to reach new markets, promote new features and products, engage potential customers through multiple touch points, and re-engage current customers. Here are a few demand generation best practices.

  • Place Audience at Center of Content. As buyers continue to rely on search to self educate and navigate through the, it is paramount that you customize your content around buyer INTENT signals rather than stand alone keywords. In order to not be dinged by Google, your landing pages must be optimized for SEO rankings and your content must provide value to your audience
  • Demand Generation is NOT Lead Generation. Although lead generation can be a great way to measure the strength of your demand generation campaigns, when devising your demand generation campaigns you want to keep lead generation out of the equation. This is because some practices between the two different strategies conflate with one another. An example, content gating. Gating premium content is a lead generation strategy that adds barriers to your content being discovered and thus limits your ability to drive brand awareness
  • Focus on Relationships Not Leads. By customizing your content around buyer intent signals you will naturally attract visitors to your landing pages. However, not all visitors are ready to be emailed let alone called and thus should not be treated as leads. This is when you should look at implementing marketing automation solutions to streamline the process of a visitor becoming a lead. Rather than having to force feed your elevator pitch to someone looking for education and best practices, you can nurture them with relevant content and score them as they navigate through the buyer journey.

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