Demand Generation Activities

Demand generation is an interconnecting strategy that combines all inbound and outbound marketing activities used to create awareness and drive demand for your solution and business. Demand generation allows marketers to reach new markets, promote new features, increase brand awareness, increase SEO and PPC positioning and create interest in your services. As you can tell, demand generation has endless opportunities to improve your brand. Here are a couple activities to move the needle on your demand generation strategy.

  • Frequent social media promotions of press releases, blogs, new product releases, info graphics and other interactive pieces of content. Twitter is great for interacting with fans and followers, and as Linkedin now has over 300 million users, it has now become the epicenter for modern marketers in social media.
  • Live Events! Trade-shows, conferences, and other live events are a great way to generate demand for your services and brand awareness. They not only allow fans and followers to put a face to your company, targeted events allow you to be noticed by other vendors and companies in your space. And for B2B marketers, this is paramount.
  • Outbound prospecting. Although it has been predicted that in 2015 over 70% of all demand generation will come from inbound marketing (Sirius Decsions), outbound prospecting (cold calls, email blasts etc.) can still be effective if done correctly. Here are some tips for outbound prospecting
    • Define a target company profile and leverage technology
    • Get specific and Relevant in Your Messaging
    • Leverage Social Prospecting
    • Develop an Outbound Cadence

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