Demand Generation

Demand generation is a strategic mix of all inbound and outbound marketing activities that are used to generate awareness and drive demand for your products, services, company and industry as a whole. In inbound marketing this includes all of your un-gated content; blog posts, webinars, white papers, social media promotions, etc. In outbound marketing this includes your email blasts, outdoor ad campaigns, TV commercials, etc. The goal of demand generation is to increase brand awareness, increase visibility on SEO, PPC, and social media channels, and to alter the perspective of your target audience. Demand generation enables companies to tap into new markets, promote new features or products, engage potential buyers throughout the buyer journey, and re-engage existing customers. Here are a few best practices to optimize your demand generation strategy.

  • Create Audience Centric Content. As buyers continue to rely on multiple channels, especially search, to self-navigate through the buyer journey, it is important that you create content around buyer INTENT signals and not just keyword stacking or link building. In order to not be penalized by Google , not only must your landing pages be optimized for SEO, but your content must provide inherent value to your audience
  • Remove Lead Generation From the Equation. Although lead generation is a great way to measure the effectiveness of your demand generation, when implementing your demand generation strategy you want to exclude lead generation from the solution. This is because many practices between the two strategies conflict one another. Gating premium content is a lead generation strategy that adds barriers to discovery and thus limits your ability to generate awareness
  • Build and Nurture Relationships. Your customized content that is dealing with buyer intent signals, will naturally attract visitors and inquiries. However, not all inquiries are leads and should not be treated as such. Someone who downloads an ebook is an inquiry and thus should receive educational content. This makes it paramount to have marketing automation solutions that enable you to track and score inquiries, leads and marketing qualified leads.

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