Demand Gen Content

Demand generation is the strategic mix of inbound and outbound marketing activities used to generate brand awareness and increase demand for a company and its services. According to research, 60-70% of leads are now generated through website content. In demand generation your content can help you reach new audiences, promote new features, and create long term relationships with potential and existing customers. So for demand generation marketers, content is quite literally King. But what content should you promote and how should you optimize it for demand generation?

  • Content Types - You want to create thought leadership create that uses your unique positioning and messaging to help facilitate education and the discovery of new solutions. . This includes webinars, white paper, blogs, SEO, PPC, social media, etc.
  • Content Optimization - The content you promote needs to be based of buyer demand signals. Or in other words, based off how online consumers are actively searching for and around your solution with both branded and unbranded terms. This content should be ungated but still valuable and relevant. The key with demand generation is to create relationships with potential customers through out the entire buyer journey. Content gating limits the reach of your content as it is a lead generation strategy.
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