Deliver Quality Leads

The buying process has changed within the past decade. Your sales team is no longer the only ones contributing to pipeline growth. Now, marketers are also contributing to pipeline and are under insane pressure to deliver more high quality buyers, without increasing cost of new customer acquisition.The cost per lead declines when marketers scale, but scaling has been a manual process and marketers don’t have the resources to grow campaigns effectively.

Both organic and paid search campaigns can help marketers generate the highest quality leads in a short period of time. Most of your traffic comes from prospects who know your company. But what about buyers who do not know your company? Marketers have a significant opportunity to attract new buyers to their website by reaching those buyers. Buyers are using search engines to find a solution to a business problem, but marketers are often missing out on those buyers. By creating informative content that tells potential buyers how you can help solve their problem, marketers can foster relationships and deliver high quality leads before their competition.

Captora helps marketers meet their marketing goals. By using top-of-funnel marketing, marketers can reach thousands of new buyers who have not yet heard of your brand. Captora also ensures that marketers have the right content to put in front of the right buyers. By leveraging content in your ecosystem, Captora automatically creates multi-channel content and data-driven campaigns to ensure marketers are closing content gaps and utilizing existing opportunities. With Captora marketers can continuously edit and optimize campaigns to ensure they are reaching optimal results. Marketers can now create campaigns that allow them to deliver high quality leads to their sales team.

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