Definition Of SEO Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the marketing practice of driving traffic on free search channels such as Google, Yahoo and Bing . SEO is a component of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), which refers to paid search and PPC advertisements. Up until about two years ago SEO could be seen as the practice of stuffing links and keywords on to a webpage and hoping that it climbs the rankings. A lot of unknown and a lot of guesswork. This notion has become outdated as changes to Google's search algorithm are changing the landscape of digital marketing. Here are some SEO trends that digital marketers need to be aware of.

  • Buyer Intent Signals - About two years ago, Google began hiding keyword data, making it hard for companies to identify which keywords were generating the most traffic and conversions. Subsequently, Google started penalizing companies that were simply building their websites with loosely associated keywords and links rather than with relevant and valuable content. This means that marketers must understand how potential customers interact with content to self-educate themselves on solutions and products.
  • Landing Page Optimization - Google is also penalizing marketers who direct traffic from a specific link back to a generic home web-page rather than a specific website, or landing page. Landing pages are dedicated websites that resolve a particular solution or address a certain search term that is important to your target audience.
  • Testing/ Optimization - Marketers are now responsible for growing pipeline, meaning their time and efforts mean money. This is important in SEO because digital marketers can longer waste time on tactics that do not work. So what can marketers do to ensure their time is working for them? Test successful strategies against unsuccessful ones and identify what elements work and what elements do not work.

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