Definition Of Marketing Metrics

In the current digital marketing landscape, content marketing is King. Modern marketers know content is important as they are putting more budget behind creating quality content. However, as the definition continues to expand, its success becomes harder to measure. Even marketing leaders are struggling to access additional budget largely because it’s just been so tough to prove ROI. Here are 5 definitions of top marketing metrics in order to measure success.

  • Revenue Growth - This is used to measure how fast a company is growing as it shows the annual rate of increase or decrease in a company's revenue
  • Engagement Rate - This metric is primarily used in social media to measure the success of a digital marketing campaign in engaging their target audience.
  • Customer Retention Rates. - This is important to building a sustainable business. By measuring this metric you can see at what point in the lifecycle your customers are most likely to churn.
  • Conversion Rates - This is used to measure how effective you are at getting people to convert on an individual campaign.
  • Pipeline Attributed to Marketing - As marketing is under more pressure to fuel pipeline, this metric helps justify how much percentage of the pipeline marketing can take credit for.

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