Definition Of Marketing In Tech

What is the definition of marketing in tech? Surely, these days, it does not hold the same meaning across industries. Marketers today are responsible for quite the laundry list: ranging from operations, to events, to demand generation, you name it! Marketers struggle to promote the brand and then be able to present tangible metrics based on their efforts. While the first step of developing a marketing strategy is defining the scope of your efforts, it is important you focus on what you are trying to accomplish. The bottom line is that you are driving pipeline and gaining conversions who will bring you revenue.

The struggle today: generating high-value information relating to prospective buyers, without the time-consuming guesswork. Content marketing investments encompass demand signals that point to buyer intent; with this, marketers boost lead volume and can streamline the greatest content.

With Captora, you paid and organic campaigns are systematically analyzed - all the way down to the performance of all individual pieces of your existing content. With our technology, you can directly deploy existing marketing content relevant to buyer demand signals. When marketers use Captora, they exceed the basics involved in measuring marketing effectiveness and are guaranteed to see a huge boost in conversion rates.

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