Definition Of Marketing In B2b

Being able to measure your marketing effectiveness is essential to success, and considers everything from budget restraints to ROI, all depending on the engagement of top contenders for your buyer pool. Marketers are accustomed to assessing their prospective buyers at each stage of the buying process, but it is imperative that there is a way to track this content's success in order to get those buyers into the next stage. With tangible results, marketers can see where they are succeeding with their contents, and maybe where to focus on for generating more traffic.

The marketing dilemma is gaining clarity as it seems to be the same overall: generating high volumes of content that is valuable, engaging, and doesn't drain your resources. The idea is to be able to effectively identify what your buyers want and then generate content that will meet those needs to bring consumers to your product.

With Captora's lead generation automation software, campaigns are analyzed automatically, in a drilled-down assessment of each piece of your content so you are aware of where to put your marketing efforts. Our award-winning technology directly repurposes existing content that meets the demands of the buyer via hyper-targeted campaigns, eliminating the grunt-work in content marketing.

When marketers use Captora, they can expect:

  • 55% lower cost-per-lead
  • double the speed of actionable insights
  • higher traffic AND 100% higher conversion rates
  • 10x the amount of targeted landing pages

Watch out demo video to see how Captora will satisfy your marketing needs in today's b2b world.

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video