Definition Of Marketing Effectiveness

Measuring marketing effectiveness is key to success, and takes into account everything from budget restrictions to ROI, depending on the engagement of the most possible buyers. At every step of the game, marketers must have reliable data proving how effective their content is at capturing the interest of prospective buyers as well as nurturing leads already in their CRM database. When marketers have measurable results, they can focus on the goals of continuously producing great content.

The struggle is in generating high-value information about these prospective buyers, without resorting to time-consuming guesswork. When content marketing investments are based on actual demand signals, marketers can drive increases on lead volume and focus their efforts on streamlining the best content.

With Captora, campaigns are automatically analyzed - down to the performance of every single piece of existing content. Our technology directly deploys existing content that is relevant to buyer demand signals into hundreds of well-targeted campaigns, taking the legwork out of content marketing. When marketers use Captora, they are able to easily go beyond measuring marketing effectiveness and ensure over 40% increase in conversion rates.

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