Definition Of Marketing Channels

Simply put, marketing channels are the varied activities that link producers to buyers, resulting in a transfer of goods. They can be paid search or organic, a centralized marketplace or email promotion, but in the end they all rely on having engaging content that captures the interest of a knowledgeable buyer. Marketing channels are the method through which customers, whether potential or loyal, learn about new products, sales and promotions, and ultimately how your company will meet their needs.

Synthesizing this information, and making it work for your marketing strategies, can be very tricky. It's important to know exactly what content buyers are looking for and the marketing channels that work best to engage their interest. How do you maximize content without simply adding to the noise? Content in these demand channels needs to be measured effectively to ensure that potential buyers are engaged at every stage of interest.

With Captora, time can be spent working on the most impactful campaigns as results are collected instantly and easily reported to you. Captora’s applications zero in on organic and paid marketing channels, as well as allowing instant access to results from inbound marketing channels. By using existing content to focus targeted campaigns across multiple channels, Captora allows you to intrigue and convert new buyers by providing exactly what they want to know. Take the guesswork out of marketing.

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