Data Driven Testing Tool

Since marketers are now responsible for attracting and engaging new buyers, they need data-driven testing tools to ensure they are effectively reaching potential buyers. One of the most common challenges for marketers is getting passed the noise. Being able to put the right assets in front of your most likely buyers is critical for pipeline growth. But without the data to show marketers what campaigns are working vs where to spend their marketing efforts, marketers are missing out on opportunities to capture more buyers.

Creating content that is interactive, relevant, and valuable to buyers is critical in modern marketing. But, most content solutions out there do not provide data for marketers to know what content thy already have, what new content to create to attract buyers, or what content to repurpose. This causes marketers to spend countless hours guessing what content to create and at the end see no ROI. Without the right data-driven testing tools, marketers are going to keep missing out on opportunities of growth.

Captora is a Data-Driven tool that knows the importance of continuous testing. By combining optimization, data, and process, Captora ensures marketers are attracting as many possible buyers. With Captora, marketers have the data to identify where content gaps and optimization opportunities exist. The data show marketers what buyers are searching for, insight into competitor activity, and the analytics to show marketers what campaigns are working to attract buyers. With Captora’s always-on optimization, marketers can test and edit content, CTAs, and offers to ensure their campaigns are working in their favor. With Captora marketers have the data-driven testing tool to ensure they are achieving optimal results.

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