Data Driven Optimization

Getting through the noise is one of the biggest challenges for content marketers. With more and more companies using content marketing to engage buyers, marketers are looking for solutions to ensure they are getting ROI. Continuously creating content can be a manual and frustrating process with no insight into what prospective buyers are searching for or what competitors are talking about.

Marketers know the importance of consistently optimizing content and campaigns to drive results, but often don’t have the time to keep up. Today, buyers are getting used to all the noise around them and want valuable content that is relevant to their wants and needs. Being able to create the right content to the right buyers, marketers will be able to not only engage buyers, but grow pipeline as well. Finding a solution that emphasizes both data and optimization is crucial for marketers.

Captora has data-driven technology as well as always-on optimization to ensure marketers are reaching prospective buyers effectively. Captora combines data, process, and optimization for top-of-funnel marketing. With insight into demand opportunities, content gaps, and competitor activity, marketers are able to create content-rich campaigns to engage buyers. Captora automatically A/B tests campaigns, content, and offers to ensure marketers have the highest conversion rate. With all this data and optimization opportunities, marketers are able to successfully reach their marketing goals.

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