Data Driven Marketing Strategy

With more and more buyers spending their marketing budgets on content, marketers are looking for strategies to ensure they are getting the most from their investment. According to Altimeter Group, 70% of marketers say they lack a consistent or integrated content strategy. Without the data to tell marketers where to focus their marketing efforts, they are missing out on opportunities of generating leads and increasing brand awareness.

Data-driven marketing is a valuable method of ensuring marketers are using their time and resources effectively. Traditionally, marketers don’t know what content to produce. Being able to create the right content to reach the right prospective buyers is key to having a successful marketing strategy. With Data-driven marketing, marketers can tailor messages that engage buyers more effectively. However, most marketing solutions do not have the data to show marketers what campaigns are driving results and where content gaps lie.

Captora is a data-driven marketing execution solution. By automatically leveraging your existing content to expand across multiple channels to grow pipeline, Captora captures thousands of buyers. Marketers can leverage current content and create data-driven content mapping for future investments. Captora utilizes data, process, and optimization for top-of-funnel marketing, which means more leads for your Marketing automation system. Data-driven marketing can help marketers reach their marketing goals in an effective way.

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