Data Driven Marketers

Recently, the buying process has shifted. Buyers are no longer responsive to billboard ads, cold calling, and other forms of traditional advertising. With so much messaging out there, marketers would get lost in the noise and not reach their target audience. Now, marketers are becoming the first point of contact with potential buyers. One valuable method of engaging buyers is through content marketing.

Being able to produce content that is relevant, interactive, and valuable is critical to attract buyers to your brand. However, with no data into what buyers are searching for or where demand lies, marketers are left guessing what content they should be creating. Data-driven marketers are looking for insight to help them effectively reach their buyers without the guesswork and manual process of creating campaigns. Without the analytics to back up your marketing efforts, marketers don't know what to do next.

That’s where Captora comes in. Captora brings together data, optimization, and process to top-of-funnel marketing to ensure marketers are engaging and capturing thousands of leads. Captora uses clickstream data from your web assets to identify where content, conversion, and optimization gaps exist. With Captora marketers are able to automatically leverage existing content to capture buyers across multiple channels for pipeline growth. Take the guesswork out of marketing, and get the data you need to create effective campaigns.

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