Customized Marketing Campaigns

To strengthen credibility in their brand and encourage customer loyalty and trust, marketers need to invest in content-driven campaigns that are relevant, consistent, and communicate across multiple channels. When marketers are able to customize their content to ensure that it reaches the most possible buyers, they will be able to execute well-organized marketing strategies.

But how do marketers gather data on the most effective content, to engage buyers right at the beginning of their searches? Plenty of data exists after visitors begin to engage with your landing pages - demographic, site referrals, and more - but this tells marketers little about the keywords that will lead potential buyers to your brand via search engines. The ability to capture the interest of prospective buyers is crucial to growing pipeline and expanding top-of-funnel marketing, before many buyers have even heard of your brand.

Captora gives marketers the dependable data they need to make sure their content is consistent, customized, and effective across multiple channels. With Captora, existing content is instantly measured for effectiveness and then leveraged to fill any diagnosed gaps, ensuring that only the most effective content is available to engage buyers. Captora shows marketers dramatic increases in lead conversion rates through customized content, and gives marketers rapid, automatic control over their content creation.

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