Customer Acquisition Cost SaaS

Customer Acquisition Cost in SaaS. Software as a Service(SaaS) seems to continue to flourish in today's marketing world. While revenue and profit showcase some of your sales and marketing efforts combined, the challenge marketers now face is how to assess the successes of inbound marketing. Customer acquisition cost (CAC) is among the top. In different terms, how much money do companies spend on acquiring a new customer? Contingent on a variety of components, acquisition cost outlines the process a company undergoes to acquire even one customer. All marketers want to reduce costs, while simultaneously increasing marketing-sourced bookings.

CAC, in an equation is

Dividing the total costs associated with acquisition by total new customers, within a specific time range.

How you can mistakenly increase the costs of acquiring new customers?

  1. Forgetting about lead nurturing. This means a disregard for relationship building with valuable potential buyers who are drawn to your content and may convert.
  2. Forgetting to hone in on the top of the funnel- you may nurture your leads, but are you ensuring you engage with anonymous buyers? Content that is tailor-made for your consumers with appealing call-to-actions that will drive conversions- an essential!
  3. Collaboration with sales and marketing - What ever happened to teamwork! While some of the specific objectives of the two cohabiting departments may differ, there is no doubt that they are both making attempts to target the right customers to drive revenue.

Captora's Lead Generation Automation Platform is your solution. Captora helps you address, identify, and reach your potential customers, known and anonymous, while keeping your costs down! Collaborate on all ends of the sales funnel. Drive inbound leads to pump your revenue by utilizing your content to attract buyers who will convert.

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