Customer Acquisition Cost Definition

Your customer acquisition cost is the cost associated in persuading a customer to buy a product or service. The cost is incurred by the company to convince the potential customer to take action. It is the total value of the product cost as well as the cost involved in research, marking, and accessibility. The goal of every organization is to keep the customer acquisition cost as low as possible all the while keeping the quality high. Below are three creative ways to keep C.A.C as low as possible.

  • Test like crazy: Consider A/b/e testing everything to improve conversation rates
  • Build a Library of Q & A's: List the common objections that come up in the sales cycle and provide the answers in the Q & A section.
  • Create Videos: Create custom videos to answer every likely sales question and include customer reference videos to build credibility.

How much does it cost for you to acquire a new customer? There isn't one exact number since it varies by industry.Check out the video to see how Captora customers are lowering their customer acquisition costs.

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