Customer Acquisition Cost Benchmark

Customer Acquisition Cost(CAC) Benchmark is measuring your CAC against your competitor's. CAC is essential to track because it could set you apart from them in being able to bring in qualified leads. With CAC in mind, you need to know your audience, and pinpoint potential buyers who will convert without emptying the bank account.

So how can you lower your CAC? Below we identify mistakes that marketers often make when trying to acquire customers:

  1. Lack of lead nurturing - implementing lead nurturing is critical. Cultivating an ongoing relationship with potential buyers,who are likely to convert because they are drawn to the relevant and informative content.
  2. Lack of alignment with sales and marketing - Outlining expectations and aiming for a common goal (generally, revenue), you can target the right customers while keeping CAC low.
  3. Lack of focus on top of funnel- you may be nurturing your leads, but are you effectively interacting with anonymous buyers? Providing these buyers with valuable content geared towards their needs, you'll see higher quality leads while keeping costs down.

Captora helps you address, target, and reach your potential buyers: those you may or may not know exist!

Captora's Lead Generation Automation Software:

  • Allows you to rank and then convert at scale with organic campaigns.
  • Provides tailor-made paid landing pages that will attract your target audience.
  • Maps your content out at each specific stage of the buyer journey so you know where to place your bets.
  • Gives insight to competitor content and assesses where you should position yourself based on resource-type and content.

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