Customer Acquisition Campaign

To be successful in digital marketing it is crucial for marketers to reduce their customer acquisition cost as they scale their top-of-funnel marketing campaigns. However, acquisition costs tend to go up over time. Once the "low-hanging fruit" have been captured, any incremental spend actually drives up acquisition costs.

That's why content-driven organic campaigns are key to scalable, cost-effective growth. Captora helps solve the challenge of scaling growth and capturing market share in order to improve cost of customer acquisition! Using Captora Digital Marketing Acceleration marketers can:

  1. Leverage competitive and buyer intelligence in order to identify content gaps and missed opportunities.
  2. Generate personalized landing pages that are based on actual buyer intent signals and search phrases that are trending in your industry
  3. Test and optimize your campaigns to improve conversion rates on a continual basis.
  4. Drive more sales ready leads to your back office solutions like your CRM and Marketing automation

Find out how Captora can help marketers reduce their customer acquisition campaign!

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video