Custom Lead Capture Pages

Marketers must find effective ways to attract visitors to their brand. Creating a custom lead capture page is a great way to turn these visitors into leads. Lead capture pages are a great way to provide visitors with information in return for their contact information. Once you get their contact information, your sales team can follow up with them until they can convert them to loyal customers.

In order to ensure visitors are filling out forms with their contact information, here are some key elements for your lead capture page should include.

  • Offer that provides visitors with value
  • Content that is both informative as well as engaging
  • Forms that are concise and to the point
  • CTA that is clear and easy to find
  • Personalized pages based on visitor information

Creating customized lead capture pages are a great way to generate more leads. With Captora marketers can create content that will encourage visitors to fill out a form and want to learn more about your brand. Captora enables markers to create rich-content based on data and continuously optimize pages for optimal conversions.

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