Current Marketing Campaigns

Today's buyers navigate themselves much of the way through the buyer journey, putting marketers under more pressure to create high quality marketing campaigns that will engage buyers as early as possible. To overcome these challenges, marketers need to be aware of three trends that are changing the marketing landscape in order to adapt their marketing campaigns to capture the attention of their target audience:

Technology removes the guesswork

Marketing becomes data-driven. In the past, it’s been nearly impossible to confidently choose which campaigns and programs to prioritize. Today’s new technologies prioritize marketing programs while precisely tracking campaigns’ performance. Marketers leverage buyer and competitive data to prioritize investments and to report a clear business case for your CEO and CFO to increase future marketing spend.

Anonymous personalization becomes the new normal

By testing and promoting the best content by persona and stage of interest, marketers know what content maximizes pipeline growth as well as what their content investment strategy should be to scale future revenue growth.

Growth marketing is the new mantra

Martech is a noisy, overpopulated space filled with point-solution companies selling products that don’t scale. Marketers focused on new application platforms that provide clear, data-driven insights while automating best practices for identifying, launching and optimizing campaigns. These new SaaS applications will prove significant ROI and productivity improvements across growth marketing teams (e.g., demand generation and content marketing), while integrating with marketing automation solutions to speed new buyers through the funnel.

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Digital Marketing Acceleration Video