Cross Channel Attribution

2015: A year for digital marketing! Marketers are seeing cross-channel attribution play a large role in content marketing. The challenge is to drive pipeline in places that will cultivate positive results. How can marketers be sure that they can attribute their ROI, if any, to social, advertising, and search campaigns. This is of utmost importance as we often see funds go to waste in marketing when there aren't analytics to support the investment.

There is an explosion of content on the web, and the struggle that marketing departments face is how to stand apart from their competitors. To succeed in this, one must be able to utilize existing technology while increasing visibility to potential customers. The hope with marketers today is that they build relevant content that will attract buyers, who will convert and then lead to more revenue for your company.

Your answer is Captora. Captora is an automated lead generation platform that embodies the goal of Top of the Funnel Marketing efforts; Captora helps you identify and then retrieve customers before your competition. Captora hones in on the keywords that your prospects are searching for across channels and gains you the sustainable edge by scaling your content, and then giving you live metrics that demonstrate where you fall short and where you are excelling next to competitors.

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